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PCB industry highs next quarter revenue more prosperous


  Printed circuit board (PCB copy board) industry chain in the second quarter of the traditional off-season, the new Janko, Taiflex, HannStar Bo seven manufacturers set a single-quarter revenue to synchronize a new high, schedule listed in Apple's new products, such as Microsoft Windows8 under many of the benefits, PCB manufacturers in the second half of the operations to the next level. Q2 tradition has "five six absolutely poor" shadow, in May it was rumored that the European debt crisis warming, publicly traded printed circuit board manufacturers have to get rid of last year's fourth quarter and first quarter of this year downturn, mostly high point came nearly three quarters , F-Zhen Ding, HannStar Bo, Taiflex, Zhichao, new Janko, the AU Commission, birthday and more single-season record high over the years. In particular, the new Janko second quarter revenue increased 41.53% had the highest quarter, consolidated revenue and June highs in the original population, Taiflex, HannStar Bo then each quarter by 37.23% to 23.3% Separated 2, 3. Listed PCB industry chain as well as Peng Jing, Taiwan optoelectronics, competing countries, the Ka Yi, Chuan Bao, etc., a record second quarter revenue second highest single-season, refined into a branch to a new high of nearly 22 quarters, sharp point, Kay Wei is also a new high of nearly 15 quarters, good overall, Wus Printed Circuit then each of the past seven seasons and nearly 600 quarter highs.
  Observations on the recent revenue performance, new Janko, birthday constitution has been a clear shift, the new merged Janko June rewritten in October 2005 of $ 103 million to keep a record high of 80 months, the second quarter 2008 3rd quarter refresh the new single-season record high; birthday Q2 revenue, but also to rewrite since the fourth quarter of 2001, nearly 42 quarters to keep the new single-season record high in early and adult force in response to an increase in orders in the second half demand.
  New Janko, Taiflex main products are flexible printed circuit board (FPC) substrates upstream FCCL (FCCL), is also optimistic about the second half of Apple's supply link single FPC excellent. New Janko said FPC benefited in recent years into the Apple supply chain, customers and brand mobile phone factory in mainland China, the third quarter consolidated revenue can be better than the second quarter. F-Zhen Ding, the Ka Yi, Taiwan and other Apple FPC plant in the second half of the county consolidated revenue, market expectations are jumped by more than three percent in the first half off, even up Daowu Cheng.
  HannStar Bo, refined into Division is the world's largest notebook computer (NB) of PCB Group, considered ultra-thin notebooks (Ultrabook), the non-Apple camp and Microsoft Win 8 tablet PCs will drive the second half of the revenue schedule listed recently on the Biography Google has received a new order Nexus 7 tablet computer, HannStar Bo revenue expected to grow double digits in the second half. HannStar Bo pointed out that this year there are clouds, set-top boxes, thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) TVs motherboard and other revenue PCB orders blessing.
  Zhichao, the AU Commission is the world's largest thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels photovoltaic panels of PCB Group, is also the most dazzling recent revenue performance Listed PCB industry chain, Zhichao rewrite the record highs for three consecutive quarters, the system innovation Union initiative this year, quarter by quarter, in recent years, with the PCB also entered NB rapid fermentation, optimistic outlook for the second half of the revenue.

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