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Smart appliances PCB copy board flying into the homes of ordinary people


  The heat of summer has arrived in Shenzhen, the hustle and bustle of this city, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for all kinds of home appliances are continually detonated, smart appliances, especially smart TVs, smart air conditioning and smart refrigerator can become an absolute protagonist of 2013 . However, while 2013 was China's outbreak of smart appliances, but for ordinary people who will have to enjoy high-quality low-cost smart appliances, there is still a long way to go. This is mainly because of a chronic lack of core technology, it is difficult to grasp the industry in the era of intelligent discourse, and PCB copy board quickly realized foreign technology sharing smart appliances, smart appliances quickly led to fly into the homes of ordinary people.
  PCB copy board PCB copy board that, through this technology, you can control the core components of electronic products is to reverse the board research, and ultimately the electronic version of the PCB can be extracted files, SCH files, BOM files, such as full technical information, and then conducted PCBA clone, or further development and design, the new product will be more excellent, excellent feature technology upgrades.
  PCB copy board to regain missing "core" intelligent
  Compared with traditional household appliances, intelligent home appliances have been able to achieve human-computer exchange, in which the two essential components, one chip, which is the brains of smart appliances, the second is software, which is smart appliances interface. The current situation is that 90% of the domestic appliance business processing chip to be imported, almost always choose the operating system Android free resources.
  Leading Chinese domestic PCB copy board takeoff Technology (http://www.adscpcb.com) not only on-chip smart appliances for professional PCB board IC decryption, but also provide secondary development of the original prototype software program. It also includes a circuit board copy board, PCB design, functional prototype production; chip cloning, changes in procedures, MCU decryption disassemble; software development, interface modifications, RI decryption; PCBA production, OEM / ODM / SMT manufacturing and materials , and other product assembly and testing of complete solutions. China off the full range of technology-stop service to solve the problem of domestic small and medium business entrepreneurs.
  Secondary innovation facilitation of smart appliances Revisited
  Smart appliances not only brought to people's daily lives more comfortable and convenient, but also through secondary innovation PCB copy board can be controlled to achieve more accurate and more convenient, thus saving energy. At present, China's smart appliances are mostly stay in the "point" level of functional modules maintain a single action, still can not form a truly integrated, humane, intelligent management systems. Future, PCB copy board still innovate, implement strategies to upgrade continuously smart appliances "simple, integrated management of human experience" and other efforts to improve.
  Huaxia takeoff Technology PCB copy board through a complete set of technological innovation system, open up the chips, operating systems, core components, machine manufacturing and other core businesses, thereby boosting the proliferation of smart appliances innovative technologies.

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